24 July 2005.
  1. Absolutely no commercial use - Commercial use pertains to the following:

    • Any website that does make money, attempts to make money, and/or barters for services through the use of their website.

    • Any website made for a company whether for direct commercial gain or indirect.

    • Any webmaster/developer/designer who creates a page for another for profit, barter or to build their portfolio up.

  2. A link back to Bluedynno must be on every page that any of Bluedynno designs and images are used on.

  3. The link back must say Bluedynno, be clearly visible and linked to this URL: http://bluedynno.blogspot.com.

  4. No part of this theme may be altered or used in derivative works with one exception, blank buttons and blank title pieces may have text added to them.

  5. These graphics are not to be resold and/or redistributed in any form.

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24 July 2005.
Template inspired by my friend's cat called Mop

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